Audiotop Vinyl1: Special purpose record cleaning detergent for use with vacuuming record cleaning machine / 1000 ml.

Formula: Mixture of an highly purified (99,999%) non specified substance, Aqua Purificata (repeatedly distilled and purified) and special tensides.

Instructions: Apply Vinyl1 on the record - according to the manual of your vacuum cleaning machine - and distribute it evenly using a brush. Let it work awhile. The remaining fluid must just cover the microgrooves. Take care that all dissolved dirt particles up to the outer rim are completely vacummed off.

Characteristics: The ingredients of Vinyl1 as well as the optimal vacuum cleaning (depends on the vacuum-cleaning machine and the practical expertise of the user) ensures a clean surface without any residue and for the very first time real "Virgin Vinyl" can be enjoyed to its full acoustic potential!