With the following information Audiotop Products wishes to give you an insight into the action and effect and the quality of their products. Obviously all products are produced at the technically highest levels (analytics) and according to ISO or ACS certifications, respectively.
ISO = Inernational Organization for Standardization
ACS = American Chemical Society
  Made in Switzerland.  
  We hope that you will understand that we do not mention the precise chemical descriptions, recipes and indications of quantities.

Basis for the application of our products:

Always subject to changes, e.g. chemical composition of the products, directions for use, precautionary measures, etc.! The most recent updates will replace all previous descriptions and will render them obsolete.

Please note: The products should not be swallowed, the vapours not be inhaled. Avoid contact with your skin and your eyes. Keep the products far removed from sunlight, heat and open fire. Keep them out of reach of children.

We will not accept any liability for personal injuries or damage to property, in the case of inexpert use of our products.

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