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  For example in Asylum: Posted by Norm (A) on October 03, 2004

How do you write a review of an unsurpassed treatment that costs $349 for the kit, especially one that cannot be quickly demonstrated? All that I can do is to tell you of my exciting venture and to strongly suggest that you too might benefit from the trip. Obviously, few are likely to spend this much on a vinyl system that cost less than the treatment, but I expect doing so would be striking. I should say that my system is the Garrard 501 with a Schroeder Reference and a Decca Jubilee into an H-Cat phono stage. I do not think the results discussed below would depend on the system, however. I started by being a doubting thomas as I am from Missouri. I bought only the Vinyl1 cleaner. My experience with merely cleaning previously clean LPs was quite striking as they sounded more transparent and dynamic. It made my vinyl front end surpass my Exemplar/Denon 2900 even playing sacds.

On the recommendation of both the importer and the dealer, I decided to try Vinyl2 and the stylus cleaner. Together these make up the Vinyl kit. See: Aaudioimports

These additional two arrived yesterday. I initially used the Vinyl2 treatment which is intended to follow the Vinyl1 cleaning. Like GrooveGlide this is a wipe on and use product.

I was immediately struck by great ease in the music and lower noise. So I thought well I will clean the stylus also with the cleaner for that purpose. This was the final piece of the puzzle. Everything fell into place. The pops and clicks from the record surface seased to introde and I was encompased in the recording event. Everything from quality recent releases to a very old Sinatra and Basie Live at the Sands was transformed into realism and utter involvement. I listened to album after album with utter involvement in the music. I could read nothing while listening and would take no time to tell others of my awesome experience. The music came first until my wife told me we were going out for dinner and that I needed to dress.

The magnitude of the improvement over other vinyl cleaners, surface treatments, and stylus cleaners of this newly available treatment in my experience is overwhelming. It is hard to say how this is achieved as the ingredience are unlisted. I did notice that the Vinyl1 leaves something on the record which causes water to bead on it; so you don't remove it with vacuuming. Now I must get back to doing the remainder of my 4000 records. I figure that I will be done in about four months. I should say that I have no involvement financially with this product, but I am certainly happy that it has final reached our shores.